Welcome to Freedom Sailing Scotland

Our office, and RYA Training Centre, is located at Fairlie Quay Marina and our yacht has a winter berth at Largs Yacht Haven. We are passionate about sailing and exploring the sea with all its marine life. Join us for Day Sails, RYA Training, Milebuilders, Sea Safari, Charters or longer Research Cruises for an unforgettable experience around Scotland’s west coast sailing grounds. 

Below is a sample of our 2016 itinerary 

 ‘Largs – Oban Milebuilder’
20th – 25th March 2016

A 6 day milebuilding sailing trip from Largs Marina to Oban visiting remote coastal villages and iconic islands with opportunity to make passages around Mull of Kintyre and through the Dorus Mor and Correyvreckan tidal races.

‘National Whale and Dolphin Watch’
21st – 31st July 2016

Take part in the National Whale & Dolphin Watch week and help us with cetacean research and raise profile of the Clyde and Scotlands marine mammals populations. Explore the Clyde and assist with whale and dolphin surveys using passive acoustic monitoring techniques. 

‘Basking Shark TriPs from Largs’
Sep – Oct 2016

The Clyde is a Basking Shark hotspot and able to observe these creatures at close quarters from August to October when they are feeding on rich plankton blooms. We are perfectly located for taking groups to spend time observing these massive sharks and other marine life.  More Info >>>

‘Harbor Seal Research Trips’
May – Sept 2016

Take part in our harbour seal research project in collaboration with the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrews University and contribute to national research effort on this species. We are running extended trips to survey and sample harbour seals  at various locations around the Clyde.