Chart 5011

Chart 5011 – Abbreviations & Symbols

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 17.06.42Chart 5011 is not a traditional nautical chart, it is a book of nautical symbols, abbreviations, signs and a key to all the charted objects (Fig 2.40). It contains information about all the symbols and abbreviations found on Admiralty charts. You are expected to have a sound working knowledge of the more common symbols on the chart, especially ones that pertain to the safety of a small vessel. These include the symbols for the different types of rocks, wrecks, reefs and underwater obstructions that could prove hazardous to a yacht. All vessels should have a copy of Chart 5011 on board as a reference guide. Like other nautical publications, you should be familiar with it and have the ability to quickly thumb through it and find the information relevant to you. The practice almanac supplied with the course details some of the common symbols and abbreviations.