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Ocean Raft Voyages

Ocean Raft Voyages

Some fascinating ocean raft expeditions where people cast off purely for the sense of adventure. I think my favourite has to be William Willis and Poppa Neutrino’s voyages. Anyone up for an adventure?

William Willis Pacific Crossing 1954
William Willis’s nautical adventures started when he was 15 years old and then in 1938 formed an expedition to Devils Island to effect the escape of a convict. His first solo raft expedition was in 1954 from South America to American Samoa. His raft was named “Seven Little Sisters” and was crewed by himself, his parrot, and cat.

L’Egare ll Atlantic Crossing 1956
L’Egare ll  raft left Halifax in 1956 and first raft to cross the Atlantic, and succeeded, 88 days later. Henri Beaudou crossed the ocean to qualify himself and form an explorers club with a small crew and 2 cats eventually landing in Falmouth.

Kon-Tiki Expedition 1947 
Probably the most well-known ‘modern’ raft expedition, The Kon-Tiki expedition was a 1947 journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands, led by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

Vital Alsar Pacific Crossings 1966-73
Spanish explorer Vital Alsar led three expeditions to cross the Pacific Ocean by raft – La Pacífica in 1966, La Balsa in 1970 and Las Balsas in 1973. Travelling from Ecuador, South America, to Australia, the first expedition failed, but the second and third succeeded, both setting the record for the longest known raft voyages in history – 8,600 miles (13,800 km) and 9,000 miles (14,000 km) respectively.

Poppa Neutrino’s Atlantic Voyage 1997-98
Poppa Neutrino was a musician, raft builder and “free spirit” who lived his life outside expected norms and created a documentary of his voyage aboard the raft ‘Son of Town Hall’ that was upcycled from New York junk.

The Tangaroa Expedition 2012
As a tribute to his grandfather and the original Kon-tiki expedition, Olav and his team built a  raft in Peru and sailed it all the way to Raiatea in French Polynesia.


‘2016’ events near the sea

A list of events and festivals around the Clyde Sea, Ireland and West Coast of Scotland. 

Our Yacht ‘Saorsa‘ is avaliable for skipper charter to any of events below. Contact Us for more information or to put a listing on the table.

Events and Festival 2016
St Patricks Day 17th Mar
Isle of Bute Jazz Festival 29th April – 2nd May
Isle of Arran Mountain Festival 13th – 16th May
Loch Fyne Food Fair 14th – 15th May
Scottish Islands Peak Race  20th May
Islay Festival of Music & Malt 20th – 28th May
Scottish Series 27th – 30th May
Arran Folk Festival 5th – 7th Jun
3 Peaks Yacht Race 11th Jun
Kelburn Garden Party 1st – 3rd Jul
Volvo Cork Week 10th – 15th July
Heb Celt 13th – 16th Jul
Tiree Music Festical 15th – 17th Jul
West Highland Yachting Week 30th July – 5th Aug
Cowal Games  25th – 27th Aug
Largs Viking Festival 27th – 29th Aug
Mull of Kintyre Music Festival 17th – 21st Aug
Largs Regatta Week 27th Aug – 5th Sep
World Stone Skimming Championships 25th Sep
Loopallu Festival 30th Sept – 1st Oct
Tarbert Festivals dates t.b.c
ButeFest date t.b.c


Sailing Trips & Charters

We provide skippered charter aboard yacht ‘Saorsa’ berthed at Largs Yacht Haven. Our products include:

  • Day & Weekend Sailing Trips
  • One-way Sailing Trips
  • Milebuilding Passages
  • Yacht Charters & Event
  • Sailing Tuition

You will join our vessel at Largs Yacht Haven or Fairlie Quay marina but can also pick clients up from any quay including departure points on the Clyde in Glasgow City Centre.

A voyage on ‘Saorsa’ forms the basis of a great group activity. We are happy to structure the sailing trip to suit your specific requirements. You can eat on board or we can programme stops at a bar or restaurant. We also provide a one way sailing trip service to many of the many hotels around the Scottish coastline.

2016 Listing of Events and Festivals near the Sea