Eco Sailing and Research

Eco Sailing and Research Projects

We are passionate about sailing and exploring the sea with all its marine life. We are partners with the Clyde Marine Mammal Project, a not-for-profit community-led science and marine stewardship project, that welcome individuals, students and community groups too get involved in our activities.

Habour Seal Research 

We are working on harbour seal research program in collaboration with the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrews University.  We have a license to work on this protected species with SMRU and among other things involved with:

  • Identification of pupping and haul out sites
  • Photographic identification and tracking
  • Collection of samples for toxicology and  contaminants
  • Behavioural interactions with grey seals
  • Assessment of predator – prey relationships
  • Interactions at fish farms and with fishing boats

Clyde Marine Mammal Survey

We are surveying Marine Mammal abundance and distribution in the Clyde using distance transit surveys and passive acoustic monitoring. The Clyde Marine Mammal Project is a community-led science project an involved with:

  • Determination of calving areas and hotspots for resident harbour porpoise
  • Minke whale photographic ID
  • Clyde wide marine mammal survey
  • Environmental Impact assessment and behavioural responses to anthropogenic activity
  • Assessment of pressures facing Clyde Marine Mammals

shark basking in clyde

Basking Shark Survey 

The Clyde is a hotspot and important area  for basking sharks. We are involved with:

  • Assessing seasonal abundance and distribution
  • Plankton and prey sampling
  • Photographic identification of individual sharks
  • Habitat utilisation and behaviour of sharks in the Clyde

Clyde Boat Survey

The Clyde is undergoing rapid expansion in leisure boating. We are involved with surveying and determining the impacts of boating to marine species and the Clyde ecosystem to contribute to Clyde Marine SPatial Planning.

Marine Plastics Project

We are involved with the removal of marine plastics at offshore and hard to reach locations around the Clyde in association with The Seas Rich Harvest, a community led initiative to raise awareness of marine plastics and other pollutants.

Invasive Species Check

The Clyde marine ecosystem and native species is under threat from invasive species. we are involved with monitoring and reporting  the spread of these species through-ought the Clyde.